Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Chillin'

One of my favorite part about Saturday's, at least for most of them, is not having to wake up to an alarm. This morning, I woke up around...I don't know - 8 something-ish? I had some dry oatmeal squares and Greek yogurt and after a while, decided to take my exercise to the chill of the outdoors.

On my quest to work through the series Dexter and today I made it through a few more episodes to put me near the exact middle of season 5.

Homecoming Dance is tonight, my daughter is going which makes me a nervous dad, but I am sure she's going to be fine.

Who else misses Goth Baby? Me too...time to come up with a new incarnation...perhaps a Goth Baby O'Lantern? Who knows...I'll have to see what or if I get artistically inspired.

I found this Pumpkin Spice Rooibos (let's just call it tea) at trader Joe's, it's quite nice.

I've been downright obsessed with the Bob Dylan song "To Make You Feel My Love" over the past few days. I've loved the song for as long as I've known it, as long as it's existed but there are a remarkable number of cover versions that are all kind of fun and nice in their own right; I discovered one today by Bryan Ferry.

I think that's about all for today...enjoy!

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