Monday, October 15, 2012

Teal, Pink, Blue

Cancer sucks - we all know this and sadly, we've all been affected either directly or indirectly. One of the scary things is that it comes in so many forms, almost as if there is a cancer factory for each part of the body.

As I type this post midway through breast cancer awareness month, I sit here and just run off the top of my head the people that I can recall that have been affected my breast cancer and then all of the other forms of this cruel disease.

I think about those that have survived the battle and an grateful to the scientists and doctors and to the people who've contributed to the research that spawned the treatments.

I think about those who've perished and the pain and suffering they had to endure as they battled.

While I, as most people are at this point, have long been aware that October is breast cancer awareness month - apparently September is thyroid cancer awareness month. I feel like I should have know that too and I am sad that I only learned that today. Someone very special to me is a thyroid cancer survivor, someone whose taught me more about living in the relatively short time that I've known her than I ever learned in the decades of my life before.

I'm not implying that one cancer awareness month is more important than another, in fact, I think we should have a global cancer awareness month that encompasses all forms of cancer. I don't even know where to go with this at this point and I'm getting emotional - just had a thought of my uncle Carmine who survived cancer for 20+ years before it found him again.

We need to beat this son-of-a-bitch down, find a way to get rid of all cancers. More than anything I can think of, it's a word that invokes every horrible emotion all at once. If there is a demonic force in the world, I suspect that force lives through cancer.

I'm going to end here because I feel like I am becoming less coherent. To all of you who might read this, continue to spread the word about awareness and support good quality charities that fund cancer research.

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