Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When 98 is better than 100 on a Test

Of the many good numbers I received today, the one I was happiest about was the 98, which was my blood glucose level. This was the first test in a while where the number was under 100, which is the cutoff for prediabetes. Of course, this one reading does not mean I am magically no longer prediabetic but it is a good thing nonetheless.

For the first time, I requested an A1C test, which measures blood sugar over a longer period than a single reading. The test is more indicative of average levels over a 3-4 month period. My reading was a 6.1. This reading is indicative of prediabetes but is far enough from the 6.5 that would be a marker for Type 2 diabetes.

My lipid panel looks terrific. HDL and LDL are where they need to be and one of my past problem numbers, Triglycerides, are 88 a healthy number again and a far cry from the bad 200ish it was a couple of years ago.

What all of this really does for me is validates that the incredible torture I put myself through with the daily exercise and refraining from eating most of the things I wish to eat is not for naught.

This made me very happy and I have a feeling, my mom was looking down on me today and that maybe, I made her proud.

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