Sunday, November 04, 2012

5 More Questions Answered

I think it was a couple of weeks a go I did a post called 5 qeustions answered. That, this and a couple of future posts will feature questions taken from a collection of memes I found.

Can you do any accents? If not, do you know someone who is good at it?
I’ve dabbled in them and I think if I had the need to be good at them, I could become relatively proficient. I don’t know of any of my friends who do accents (other than those who already have accents other than mine).
Do you, or have you ever, thought you have a book in you?
Yes, have even had a few false starts. I don’t know that I’d ever pop out a novel, but I’ve written very short stories, poems and a few essays and even begun a screenplay. Several times I’ve started putting a poetry collection together with the premise of talking about each poem from the writer perspective: inspiration, storyline, scenario, thoughts, etc.

How does the weather effect where you live?
The common saying here in New England is if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. There are days when I’ve awoken to feet of snow outside and others with triple-digit temps, and everywhere in between. I’ve celebrated my birthday, in December, in below zero temps and in 70 degree temps, all right here.

What was the last thing that you did to help someone?
Something that I often do, at the grocery store, I can reach all the shelves and am often asked by people shorter than I, in particular elderly ladies, to help them with some top shelf items.

Have you been or are you a vegetarian? Thoughts?
I was a vegetarian for nine years. I became one after reading about the digestive system and kind of getting grossed out. I have no problems with it, I do find it interesting that there are so many different reasons for people choosing to be a vegetarian and how many different types of vegetarian’s there are.

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