Friday, November 09, 2012

And It Is Friday Morning

Not sure what the deal with this cold is. Wednesday, I woke up with a sore throat that as I wrote here, felt like a steel wool pad was lodged in there. Thursday, the throat was fine but my head was pretty badly congested, felt like it was in a vice. Also, I was coughing more than on Wednesday. In general though, by the end of the day even though I new I wasn't close to 100%, I felt way better than the day before.

Today, the sore throat is back, it's not nearly as severe but there is still that annoying scratchy feeling and there is still a cough. Once I drop my daughter off at school, and I make two necessary stops at the grocer and post office, I have another midday nap in my plans to continue to rest and heal.

I have two sets of plans this evening. A friend is appearing in a play and I have not just a seat, but a front row seat - this will be a distraction to the cast of I can't control my cough. I bought the ticket over a month ago, I didn't plan on having a cough.

Later the Road Dawgs are playing an important gig where they are competing for a spot in the venue. I'd like to be there for my friends at a time when they need their friends to be there for them, so ill try my best to show up, if even for a short while.

Fortunately, this is a holiday weekend so I have Monday off as well. I haven't been at work since Tuesday and when it's being sick that keeps me away, I actually miss it!

Catch up with all of you later.

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