Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cookies for a Cause

Let me start with my Facebook post that planted the seed for this idea:

"A big FB salute to my friend John Blue. John served NYC for 20+ yrs on the police force and retired a little over a yr. and he and his wife got a house on Breezy Point. Sandy decided to take their home from them but not their soul or spirit. John's out there every day doing what needs to be done selfishly helping others even in the wake of is own adversity. Dude, what an amazing example of human kindness you are showing and thank you for sharing."

John is affectionately known as the Cookie Monster and he often refers to us as "all you cookies out there". I first had the notion to bake some cookies and send them to John and then I thought, hey, what if we all do that?

That is what Cookies for a Cause is all about, what I am asking you dear reader, if you are someone who bakes cookies, consider baking a batch and sending them to John; or perhaps bake cookies for your family and add an extra batch for John. Knowing John, ever the kind Cookie Monster, he will not only enjoy and appreciate them but he will share them with those that he is working with in his community to restore order and peace, and the other families who have lost so much.

So, what do you'd say? You with me? I'm going to post a link to this on FB and omit John from that feed and hopefully it will work so it works out as a surprise - right now, John, and everyone in Breezy and Rockaway need a nice surprise.
Here's where you can send John his cookies:
John Paolillo
1681 McDonald Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11230

If you are sending from outside of NY/NJ, I recommend priority mail. There are 2 flat rate mailers you can get at the post office that are $5.35 regardless of weight. One of them is a small corrugated box, I've used these to send between 15-18 cookies (average size about 2-2 1/2"). There is also a large tyvek envelope that is not rigid but perfect for using a plastic container to mail with.

Don't forget to add a note of encouragement!

I plan on making cookies on Monday or Tuesday and mailing them the following day. I hope you will all consider joining in!

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