Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Spirit

I find it really sad that the retail community has shifted black Friday to begin earlier and earlier, and in some places, on Thanksgiving. So when it came to today, though I have chores and grading to complete, I wanted to enjoy the day and do something spirited and and anti-black Friday I can think of.

My daughter and I started by going to a place called "Candy World 'N Mor"; which has a many aisles of candy stacked with candy topped (and bottomed) by even more candy. Additionally, they have other bargainy items and then, yet more candy. I spent $33.85 in there! My daughter was super happy, so it was worth it, and pretty fun! They even had a few sugar free items that made me happy.

Next up was lunch. Initially, daughter wanted pizza, which changed to "anything delicious". A quick check on Yelp and I found a very nearby place called, "Georgio's Roast Beef and Pizza". Initially, I suggested getting a large Roast Beef sub and splitting it. My daughter looked at me with a no face, later explaining that she was sorry she didn't want to split anything but she was hungry. She ended up getting the "Super Beef" sandwich while I regrettably ordered a small eggplant parm sub. Her sandwich looked, and according to her was, delicious while mine flat out sucked. I didn't let it bother me to much, I was hanging with my kid and having a good day.

Next up, The Enchanted Village. I have to say, I allowed myself to be in the moment and surrender to the spirit and it really made for a good experience. Every few minutes, the song "White Christmas" plays and it actually snows in the village. Well, not real snow, foam snow, but you get the idea.

If was a nice day with my daughter, who is going to be away with her mom for a pretty long time during the Christmas holiday and I won't see her from a few days before Christmas until a few days into the new year.

Finally, look at my crazy cat:
I couldn't stop cracking up, he comes upstairs into my office and he's meowing up a storm with this super serious face - I look at him and there's this thing just hanging off his whiskers and it just flopped around as he was meowing. So funny!

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