Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Is That a Brillo Pad in My Throat or...

This morning at work I felt as if I was a step or two behind but I wasn't sure why. I left for lunch near noon and made a pitstop at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription then headed to Trader Joe's to grab a few items and lunch (using the $15 gift card a colleague gave me in gratitude for my assistance with her iPod-that story later).

After consuming my Reuben on Rye wrap in the car while listening to a Fitzdog podcast, I returned to work. When I settled back into my desk to check for the 768,423 emails (slight exaggeration) that came in the hour I was gone, I noticed that I was feeling even crappier than I did before I left, that wasn't in the plan.

When at the pharmacy, I picked up some zinc lozenges. Last time I felt the onset of a cold, I took zinc lozenges and Emergen-C and it worked great; so I thought I should try that remedy again (I still have an ample supply of Emergen-C at home).

By the time I left work at 3:45, I was feeling yet crappier, throat was ablaze and feeling like a steel wool pad had been lodged deep inside. I had to sto to pick up my daughter but then I headed home and got a cup or Pumpkin tea going almost immediately.

All I can do is rest and do the fluids thing and take care as best I can and hope this passes quickly. Now the Trader Joe's gift card story.

Denise at work is a generation older than I and her husband a generation older than that. As such, adapting tot technology is harder for them and they are at least realists and accept that about themselves. A year or so ago, they asked if I would go to their joys to setup a new DVD player they had purchased; I set it up and created an reference diagram for their remote illustrating how to switch between the DVD player and the cable box - they were grateful.

A few weeks ago, Denise mentioned to me that she wanted to buy an iPod but had no idea how to load songs onto it. I told her it was easy and she should go for it but she was afraid to make the purchase. I told her that I could help her - I showed her in 5 mins. Using my iPhone and she then went to make the purchase. She figured it all out and in gratitude, gave me the gift card.

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