Friday, November 16, 2012

Library and Boy Bands (and a little USPS)

I stopped at the main branch of the Library in Framingham at lunch yesterday to peruse the CD's and donate some books. Normally I would donate first to my town library but I got such a great deal on a few books the day before at the book sale, I wanted to pay it forward.

I ended up meeting the woman who donated some of the books I bought - turns out her daughter made one of those instant decisions that she was no longer into boy bands and wanted to be rid of all of her stuff. She had brought all of the books and videos to the library the day before I got there - I got lucky. Yesterday, she brought in the box with the older boy band stuff - 98 degrees and NKOTB, etc. It was super funny because there was an entire shelf of these literary masterpieces and right beneath it, an entire shelf of boy band stuff.
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You may recall that I mailed 4 dozen cookies to my friend John (Cookies for a Cause) on Tuesday. I sent them priority mail, which you pay a premium for to get them there in 2-3 days (MA to NY should be 2 days). As I was tracking it online, it went from MA to NH, which is in the opposite direction and then worse, yesterday ended up in TAMPA (Florida). I know it left TAMPA this morning, I just hope it gets to NY today and delivered - they are cookies for petes sake!

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