Sunday, November 11, 2012

Little Bits of a Particular Sunday

This particular cold I have doesn't seem to want to go away! It's a pain at this point because I am so bored of resting but I don't want to relapse into something worse; so, I am trying to find balance.

I am baking my "Cookies for a Cause" tomorrow - I am going with "Best Ever Oatmeal Cookies", which is a minor variation on the classic recipe found on most Quaker Oats cans. I'll add the recipe to this blog soon.

I had one of my favorite "it's Sunday, treat yourself to a fun breakfast" foods today, Breakfast Pizza. Shout out to the Sherborn Sandwich & Pizza shop.

While the Pats ended the game on the winning side, they played crappy!

My daughter and I had fun hanging out today - not really doing anything special - watch TV, chat, eat, stuff like that, but we enjoyed it!

I need to come up with another project for my students, I know what it's going to be but I need to put it on paper and build a rubric....teacher nerd-speak.

Oh, I just remembered! When I was at the Sherborn Sandwich & Pizza shop, while I was waiting for the food, I overheard a woman placing an order that included a B.L.T. The counter girl that was taking the order asked, "did you want the bread toasted?" This threw me, I never even thought of a B.L.T. without toasted bread, that seemed super weird to me. Then, what appeared even weirder, the lady placinng the order said, "oh, I don't know, lemme run to the car and ask my granddaughter." She returns and says, "no, not toasted - she doesn't want the bread toasted." I was stunned.

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