Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mail Call

I remember when I was younger, especially when I didn't have any or many responsibilities, I loved the idea of getting mail. A few times over the last couple of years, my (now 14 year old) daughter had said after I stooped in the driveway to retrieve the mail for the day, "I never get any mail!" She said it with kind of a disappointed/sadish tone.

I told her how I used to always want mail and on the rare occasion I got some, how excited I was. I told her that as I got older, and had more financial obligations, getting mail was not so much fun because getting mail almost always meant getting another bill that had to be paid.

There are though, instances where the mail can be fun, and make you feel good. Many years ago, an old boss turned me on to a book called "The Groucho Letters". The book was correspondence between Groucho Marx and family and show biz industry people and friends. At the time, the book inspired me to send an occasional hand written letter every so often. I haven't kept up all these years letter but I have sent a few over the more recent years and they are also met with great appreciation.

More recently, I've been inspired to write to some very special people and it brings me so much joy not only because it's something other than a bill to deal with but it gives me the opportunity to reach out to people I care about.

I received a really special piece of mail on Friday and while I always love getting "good" mail, Friday was the last day of a very trying week and this one piece of mail really took an entire week of really hard emotions (courtesy of the wrath of Hurricane Sandy and it's effects on friends and family) and let me put the bad stuff aside long enough to just smile and be happy (thank you!).

For all you readers out there who might find a few minutes of spare time, find yourself a bland sheet of paper and a comfortable writing implement and write a letter to someone - trust me, it will make you and whomever you send it to feel good.

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