Monday, November 05, 2012

May I Place an Order?

A couple of weeks ago, I made some delicious cookies, I posted the recipe on this very blog right here. I brought a few of these cookies into work, partly because I enjoy sharing and partly because I want to get them out of the house faster so I am not tempted. most enjoyed the cookies very much, some more than others but that's about how it usually goes.

Today, I'm walking through the halls on campus and a colleague stops me and asks if I was taking orders for "those fantastic pumpkin cookies". I laughed loud enough to get a teacher in a nearby classroom to stick her head out, make a face, then close the door. I told my colleague that I was glad they liked them but I in fact, was not taking orders. I went about my day moderately entertained at the request.

Several hours later, another colleague approached me and he said the following, "I didn't know you take orders for your baked goods." I busted a gut, not sure at this point if it was just a practical joke but I did reply that I was not taking orders and just kept laughing.

Look, they were very yummy cookies, in fact, my next batch of them will be a sugar-free (ish) version friendly for diabetics (and pre-diabetics).

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