Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

To tree, or not to tree - that is the question. I'm pondering whether or not to get a Christmas tree this year because my daughter is going to be away, out of the country, with her mother from before Christmas and into the new year.

While the spirit of the holiday has some value to me this year, if I am the only one around to see it, does it serve a purpose? Will the tree just serve as a reminder that there is no one around to enjoy it or is it something that I am meant to enjoy?

Perhaps these questions seem crazy but they've run through my head. I will still find a way to derive joy form these holidays - I'm still going to have gifts for a handful of people, it will still be Christmas with or without the tree.

Without my daughter around, I will literally be the only human who sees it and while Oliver does seem to enjoy drinking from the tree stand and occasionally, grabbing at the ornaments, I am not convinced he will miss it. However, will I? I don't know.

If I get it early enough, my daughter and I can at least have the time to go pick one out and decorate it, that's always fun. Would I be cheating her of that if I don't get a tree? Should I make the decision hers?

This shouldn't be so difficult.

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Maria said...

It is a tough question, I don't know if I'm going to "do" Christmas this year. I think I might just skip it all. Regardless of the decision you make I hope you are happy with the outcome