Thursday, December 27, 2012

(Another) RetroMEMEspective

Here's how it works. Go into your archives from 2012 and post the first sentence of the first post from each month. Sounds like fun, huh? Like I said last year, this could either be fun or incredibly boring. You don't have to explain them, but I thought I would go ahead and give a short explanation.

January: “The slate is clean, time for a do-over.”

February: “Soul Train was how I learned about "urban" music, it was the perfect complement to American Bandstand and for a kid that was totally obsessed with music, it's one of the things looking back that made growing up when I did special.”

March: “It's time for American Idol to sign off for good.”

April: “As if there hasn't been enough about the Bruce Springsteen show here, this is a picture of (from left to right) me, Justin, Joe, Jill and Linda.”

May: “Definitely feeling the effects of life's stresses but I am working through it as best I can.”

June: “Words tomorrow.”

July: “I've compiled most of the photos (including more than the ones in the posts below) I snapped on the Chicago trip in a shared dropbox folder and you can see all of them via this link below:

August: “Most people, including myself, could probably write at length about the last few days; more accurately, some of the stuff I've heard in conversations - really deep, heavy and in some cases, brutal stuff, but this isn't the stuff you write about.”

September: “I just recently got into the series Dexter and had watched the first 7 episodes of season 1 to this point.”

October: “October is both Breast Cancer Awareness month and Disabilities Awareness month.”

November: “There's a comfort in knowing you are reading this, knowing that as I sit here and type this, partly to avoid the work at hand and partly because I know there's a chance you will read this and any chance to communicate with you brings me some joy.”

December: “After church, my daughter and I went for brunch at a place called "Eggcetera".”

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