Sunday, December 30, 2012


As the snowfall was near it's most forceful yesterday evening, I realized that I had no bananas and had to go out to get some. Correction, I made the questionable decision to go out in the storm to get some.

I drove very carefully, and eventually, made it to the store and pulled into the lot. As soon as I got out of my car, another car pulls up right next to me, very fast, nearly taking out my driver side door and the windows comes rolling down with a maniacal woman yelling at me, "why did you insist on tailgating me on a snowy road?"

I was puzzled and though I heard perfectly what she said, I insisted she repeat herself by plying, "excuse me?" She repeated herself and I then took a deep breath so as to not say something horrible or mean and understanding that the weather brings out the crazies...I replied, "ma'am, are you aware that for me to tailgate you, I would have had to be behind you?" I then walked away and left it there.

I ended up having to go to a different store to get the bananas but it was on the way back home and the rest of my journey was uneventful.

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