Thursday, December 06, 2012

Good Reminder

It's easy to find faults with Facebook, but once per year, my favorite thing about Facebook happens - birthday wishes. There was a period today where I made a joke to a colleague, I said, my phone was vibrating so much I had to take it out of my pocket to avoid any accidents. I know, I have a brilliant comic mind and you are laughing your arse off right ow, so take a few moments to compose yourself and I'll be back. #lovebeingsillysometimes

Seriously, it was almost overwhelming, one after another and it felt good; made me feel like I matter in this world and its touching.
For those of you who shop this time of year, especially those of you who shop on May I ask that you use the link right here on the blog, probably just to the right and perhaps a bit up from this post. Using that link will give you the same great Amazon experience you are used to but also indicate to them that you got there via me and as such, yield me a modest commission. I am donating 100% of my commissions to the ER-D Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, so please, help me help our friends.

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