Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Here With...

I had a shitty day at work today. Actually, only a fraction of my day was shitty but it ruined most of it - I'll tell you the shitty part then how it got better.

The shitty part:
I have this ridiculous colleague that becomes more useless as time passes. We are supposed to be peers - we have the same job title and thus, the same job description but he is a jackass! He has no freaking idea how to do half the things that we need to support and train faculty on, especially the cornerstone product, Blackboard  - our learning management system.

A few months ago, he calls me and says "faculty member X is having issues with Blackboard doing so and so". I reply, "X has been here several times and I showed him each time, he keeps forgetting - not sure how best to handle at this point." Then I hear faculty member X say, "hi Chris!" Fucking jackass has me on speaker phone and says nothing about it. I told him after that to NEVER call me on speakerphone again, use the handset hen ask me if it's okay to go on speaker.

Today, jackass calls and says, "I'm here with faculty member Y and she wants to do this and that and I can't figure out how". First thing that pisses me off is the thing he could figure out is a basic function that is very commonly used and it's our job to support faculty to use this function. I have my own damn work to do and I am sick and tired of having to do his and clean up his frigging mess. I told him flat out that I have no time and that he should know how to do this and that I couldn't help him. then what do I hear, "Hi Chris, this is faculty member Y...." Again, ass face has me on speaker.

I emailed my boss and told him this has to stop. If I am going to do both our jobs I am going to get both our salaries or I am not answering the damn phone anymore. My boss is supportive of me and knows this jackass is a jackass but his hands are a bit ties because of union protection and I am limited in actions I can take because jackass and I are in the same union...very frustrating to work so damn hard and have to put up with that crap.

How it got better:
My friend and colleague Barbara is having a baby and there was a baby shower for her - so I crashed it because the dummies in their department didn't invite anyone that should have been invited. I only stuck around for a short time but it was fun and took my mind off of the story above.

How the day got even better than that:
Yesterday, I got a wonderful birthday gift in the mail, a pair of mittens that were made especially for me, right down to the dying of the yarn my favorite color for the reason it's my favorite color. I never got a gift like that before - still blown away by it's awesomeness plus, the mittens are badass. When I got home today, I asked my daughter to take a picture of me with the mittens and then I asked her "How are you suppose to pose to model mittens?" From there, it was not stop laughter for quite some time. Here are the photo's:

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