Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Like a Ton of Bricks

I guess that old saying, "You can't fool mother nature" likes to remind you how true it is every so often. After work yesterday, I was trolling about from store, to mall, to store, to store running errands and trying to fulfill my holiday wishes and grab some needed produce from the market. This, after a more emotional day than usual as the after effects of last Friday's horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

After coming home, I had many things to accomplish in a short time so I went right at it. I recall at one point feeling the need to take a short me moment and I went over to sit on the couch. Next thing I remember was waking up, laying down, covered, with a cat atop me. I have no recollection of he laying down or covering up part but at least two hours had passed from the time I took the break to the time I awoke. At that point, I could feel the exhaustion so I shut down everything and went upstairs, all the while eyes in tired quint mode and body dragging but I made it to my bed and was out pretty quickly until my 5 am alarm.

Funny how easy it is to overlook the rest component of taking care of oneself. I do the exercise thing every day, I at least try to eat reasonably well, but I am still not always good about the getting the proper rest thing - I know it's important, gotta get better at it I think.

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