Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Evening Post

I feel like I need to mention the tragic incident in Newtown, Ct yesterday. I don't really know what to say though. So much has already been said, some that seems to make sense, some that's far too radical and pretty much all driven by the deep emotion of the event. I have been filled with sadness but have also done my best to find a way to move on from it. I really just have no understanding of why these events happen, why they seem to be more frequently happening and how we can really prevent them. I can say that it's these types of events that challenge faith like no other. I really can see no rationale for such an occurrence from any angle. I hope all of the families of people that were killed and/or injured as well as the survivors can find the peace they need to carry on.
I went to Babies R Us today to get a gift for my friend who is registered there. I printed out the registry list, picked an item then asked someone where I might find it. He took me on a wild goose chase that led to nowhere so I went back to the registry desk to ask if one of them can help me find it. This dude took me in a different direction that the first one but again, it was the wrong direction. I took a third try hoping for a charm but willing to abort mission on a fail so I asked one of the girls at the registry counter. While her directions weren't perfect, it got me close enough so that I found what I was looking for. I got to the register and was asked if I had one of the cards that every darn store seems to want people to carry around and I told the cashier that I didn't have one, but I would really love to get a 20% discount on my purchase. I don't know how it worked, but sure enough, I got 20% off on my purchase.
A few notes on the 12 12 12 concert for Sandy Relief:
  • Springsteen was awesome. I could have done without Jon Bon Jovi joining him but I can let it go.
  • Roger Waters/Eddie Vedder - Eh, so so. I wouldn't have missed it, it didn't totally suck, could've been way better.
  • Adam Sandler - Funny, yet meaningful.
  • Bon Jovi - they still sound okay, a bit formulaic, passable though.
  • Eric Clapton - Fabulous.
  • Rolling Stones - disappointing waste of time. They still sound good and perform well but they only did 2 songs because they are all about the money, not the music anymore and I just don't really have that much interest in them anymore.
  • Alicia Keys - Very strong set; very passionate.
  • The Who - just awful! They need to go away and just be this legendary band from the past. Any time they spend in the public eye performing at this point will only serve to diminish their body of work. I am not convinced Pete still actually plays his guitar, Roger can barely carry a tune and needs to leave his short closed and wear a damn sweater over it so it can't accidentally open and that thing they did with Keith Moon was just stupid.
  • Kanye West - I refused to watch this moron. Kanye has no place in the lexicon of popular music, he's a farce at best.
  • Billy Joel - One of my all time favorites but I've sored on him in recent years because he's kind of become a shell of his former self. His performance here was pretty good.
  • That's where my DVR cut off. Regarding Paul McCartney though, he needs to hang it up as well. The guy is a certified living legend and his body of work both with the Beatles, Wings, and some solo stuff is strong with few exceptions. However, I am so over him in the present.

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