Friday, December 14, 2012

Serenity Now

Things got a bit hectic at work in the lab, there were a couple of students doing things that they should not have been doing and after dealing with that, I needed to step away for a few seconds, just walk it off and take a deep breath and then move on. At this point, I posted to FB from my phone the words, "Serenity Now! SERENITY NOW!!!" both to help put the incident in the lab behind me and to conjure a laugh recalling the famous Seinfeld episode.

When I returned to my desk, there was a card on my desk in a white envelope with my name neatly printed in a handwriting that I couldn't identify. I opened the envelope to find a card from a student in the practical nursing program who is also a nun in the order of the Marist Missionary Sisters.

I guess if you really need serenity now and ask for it, sometimes at least, you might get it. What a nice lady.

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