Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sons of the Pope

My good friend Dan O'Connor's novel Sons of the Pope is out this week (Kindle version available now, physical version ships 12/12).

I just finished the book today and it's really terrific, I am not just saying that because I've know Dan of more than 35 years, it's the truth.

"In Brooklyn, before the murders, before the miracle, before the 1940s were gone forever, there was a tree. If only they let that tree alone. If that sycamore tree had been allowed to stand, then maybe Biaggio Falcone never would have been the head of the Campigotto crime family. Perhaps little Joey Salerno would not have been born like that. Joey's father, Sal-just home from World War II-probably would never have gotten involved with the New York underworld, and his wife Mary wouldn't have to spend her entire life caring for an eternal child. There may have been no reason, four decades later, for that desperate pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. No need for Pearl Gholston to venture across those tracks, or for anyone to call upon the one known only as The Diabolist. Experience the richness of a story that spans half a century. Love and hatred. Devotion and betrayal. Murder and miracles. If only they let that tree alone."

If you click on the BUY FROM AMAZON link on the appropriate graphic, at least 4% of your purchase will be donated to the ER-D Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. (Note: Kindle edition cost $5.99)

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