Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to Work/In the News

Today was my first day at work in 2013. I worked half a day on New Year's Eve and had been out since taking some of my vacation time.

On the 2nd, I drove to "the North End" in Boston to visit a restaurant supply house that was featured on a local news magazine show. I picked up a few kitchen items and browsed in awe at crazy items like a mixer that was as tall as I am (6'). Also, my daughter got home from Brazil, where she spent the holiday's with her Mom so we got to have our Christmas that afternoon.

I did a few other little things over the time off but nothing really super special. I failed to get any real house cleaning done but after church Yesterday, while my daughter was making me proud as she was off in Boston feeding the homeless, I cleared away the Christmas decorations and brought the tree to the curb for pickup.

Anytime I am out from work for more than a day or two, there is always an impressive mass of email/voice mail to sort through as well as catching up on things. Fortunately, it's not super busy time at the college as we are still in semester break so while busy, it wasn't all that hectic today.
In the news:
  • Looks like the NHL is ready to come back. I don't care though, I gave up on hockey completely years ago during the last strike and never looked back. I was now, as I was then, hoping for the league to fold and go away for good.
  • After watching that Skins-Seahawks game, two thoughts:
    1. Not sure if I should applaud RGIII's toughness and heart or scold him for risking next season and maybe even his career.
    2. I don't like the Seahawks - they play dirty.
  • I've not yet felt any desire to watch "Downton Abbey" and I find the pronunciation of "Downton" pretentious (which may be what they are going for).
  • A recent study indicates that being on beta blockers for controlling blood pressure may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Since I take beta blockers for my blood pressure, I am taking this as a victory.
  • Al Roker admitted to pooping his pants at the White House shortly after his gastric bypass surgery a few years back. I LOVE this story!

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