Sunday, January 06, 2013

Crazy Napper

I was very proud of my daughter for going with the youth group to Boston to feed the homeless today. She as pretty wiped out when I picked her up at church. she was dozey on the drive home, which is only about 15 minutes or so and soon after getting home, she plopped out on the couch and fell asleep for a few hours.

While I knew she had some homework to do, it was early enough that I cold let her get a good nap in but after a few hours had lapsed and were were getting into get homework done AND be able to sleep through the night for school in the morning, I decided, time for her to be woken up.

I gently tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Vickie, time to get up and start on your homework..." Nothing. Again, "you had a good long nap honey, you need to get up now..." A shrug. "Come one Victoria, you really need to wake up and get started on your homework." She replied rather loudly without opening her eyes, just rolling her head, "I KNOW!". However, nothing.

I let about 15 minutes go and went through the motions again, virtually identical outcome and again, I let some time pass and start again. At one point, she turned around and smiled saying, "that was cute with the towel." then rolled over on her side tucking her head under the blanket. had I been drinking, I'd have done a spit take - I laughed so hard, but she remained asleep. I had no idea where the towel nonsense came from - what the heck could she have been dreaming?

I turned on the stereo and blasted the football game really loud - nothing. I went to the app store and did a search called "loud whistle" and then played all of the loud, piercing sounds only managing to annoy me and watch her amazingly not budge.

I stopped for a few more minutes because I was kind of getting pissed and there was no reason to be so I just let her be for a short while more, took a breather myself and then approached her again, a gentle tap and I said, "listen, Victoria, it's getting late and you have homework to do - it would be a really good idea to get up, I know you are tired from your day but fight your way through the homework then if you wish, you can go to bed.

Finally, she woke up and asked for some food before homework, so I got on that. I told her that I'd been trying to wake her for an hour and fifteen minutes and she said, "sorry, I have no recollection - I must've been deep." I chuckled and that was the end of that.

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