Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Mr. Timberlake

I dug your last CD, thought there were some cool grooves on it and in fact, I still listen to "What Goes Around, Comes Around" in reasonably heavy rotation considering how long ago it came out. You're a talented dude, you have good acting chops and I can see you as a regular on SNL - you kill on that show.

I wasn't sure that you would make a return to music but it mattered not, I had lots of other things keeping my ears filled. Then, a couple of weeks ago I hear you have a new song dropping and a new album. I was driving with my kid the other day when I finally go the chance to hear "Suit & Tie".

From the first note, my kid and I were digging the groove - kinda retro, yet still current and fresh - really great. Then, out of nowhere, Jay Z comes in and destroys the song. To be clear, I use the word destroy in it's original form, that is, he totally ruins the song; it totally breaks up the groove and the feeling. I was a little pissed of at you, similar to how I am pissed at lots of today's music.

I have no beef with hip hop. I have no beef with mixing it up in a song. I do have a beef when an artist puts in an obligatory hip hop piece in an R&B/Pop/Mainstream song for reasons I assume to open it up to a wider buying audience. What I found particularly irking with your song is that it was so good, you would still appeal to a large audience without his piece. Why, Justin? Why?

I know this is just my opinion, and the numbers don't lie, your breaking airplay records as I write this. My intent isn't to slam or set an example out of you and I apologize if that's how it comes off, I am really trying to appeal to all musicians to just do their own thing. Maybe you did, maybe it's how you really conceived it and I am way off base. I know the minute I heard that transition, I didn't want to listen anymore and that's true of your song and so many of the songs I hear that do the same thing.

Alright, I'm done venting. If you got a version of suit & tie without the hip-hop piece, I'd love to hear it. If not, I may have to create my own version of it by chopping it out, the groove is too damn good to never listen to it.


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