Saturday, January 12, 2013

Early to Bed, Early to Rise....Then Rise Again

last night a combination of boredom, laziness and mostly, just being tired led me to bed at the very early time of 9:30 pm. During a normal work week, I usually slide into bed between 11 and 12 and get up at 5 so going to bed at 9:30 totally fucks with my system and there's no reason for me to go into it not expecting to get up early as well. I made sure there were no alarms set and went to bed.

The first time I awoke was not because my body said hey, time to get up but rather from a bad dream where much of my dental work had decided to fail causing me to rise in a panic-y, cursey-ish state. It only took a few seconds for me to realize I had been dreaming, though I still took a little feel inside my mouth for assurance. I fluffed the pillow and laid back down. I had no idea what time it was but I didn't care.

I woke up again, this time I believe it was my body saying that I had been horizontal for long enough, time to vertical up. I took a peek at the time and it was 4:30 am. While my body knows best, I succumbed to the vertical position but only long enough to go to the bathroom. I returned for another pillow fluff and tucked myself beneath the covers once more.

one more signal from within to get the ass, and the rest of me out of bed. I peered over to the windows and saw a crack of light coming through then saw the time, 8:12 (ish) and decided to get out of bed and begin to begin my day.

A brief aside: A few weeks ago, I had some Schweppes Ginger Ale in the house because I was in the mood for ginger ale; I enjoyed it. Last week (or so), Canada Dry ginger ale was on sale so I bought some; they do something that Schweppes does not. They write on the can, "Made from Real Ginger". Turns out, you can taste the difference! Canada Dry is way more ginger-y than Schweppes.

I had lounged a bit in the morning, had a cup of Quaker oatmeal squares while watching some news then went to the DVR for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel. I then went downstairs for a workout and that was the kick start. After my protein shake and a shower I started planning my day. I knew it was going to mostly revolve around house cleaning and food shopping. Linda and Bill are coming over for the Pats game tomorrow afternoon so I want to plan some food options as well. I dug through a few recipes, made a shopping list and off I went.

Thus far, the only cleaning I've accomplished is almost finishing a bathroom. I suck at cleaning efficiently - I wish I could afford to have someone come in clean my house for me - I know that may be selfish, indulgent, whatever, I just really hate it and don't keep up with it as much as I should, which makes it suck even more when I do it.

All right, enough with the soap box - I shall get back to work now! I'll catch up with you later.

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