Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I (Co) Write the Songs - Part 1 of 2

A while back, my friend Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane (actually Jane, but I always extend it), introduced me to this musician whose name is Barry Mangione. Him and I became FB friends. Early in 2012, he started this web based show called "Barry On the Spot" which is an innovative, interactive sessions where all who participate contribute to a song which will be written within the 30 minute time frame of the show; after, Barry hists the studio and releases a recording.

Early February was the first time I contributed to a song, if you wish to hear it (stream for free) and see the lyrics, click the picture:

I loved the experience so much, I knew I would participate again, apparently in the next week to contribute to this song (same deal with the click). I had no recollection of this one until I went back to the site today to scan the songs:

I'll post later the other two songs, including last night's.

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