Monday, January 21, 2013


As I mentioned earlier, my daughter and I went to lunch for Japanese (daughter's favorite place). Here's some pictures:

We both started with a small bowl of miso soup. They have great miso there, not overly salty.

While waiting for our bento boxes, we shared a spicy white tuna roll (so delicious!):

This is my daughter's bento, the Tempura (chicken and veggies), rice, salad, pickled veggies, a noodle roll thingie with a blog of wasabi and some fruit (orange, a sliver of pineapple and a strawberry):

Have you seen a more interesting soy sauce decanter than this one? I really dig this one:

This was my bento which features sashimi (mackerel, salmon, tuna, yellowtail)

Of course, the best part of the whole meal was hanging with my kid, she's always been an interesting conversationalist once she gets going.


SM said...

Blogger ate my comment. Blargh.

Anyway, Love the pictures - and the bentos. So cool your daughter enjoys eating stuff like this with you!

Chris said...

SM - darn blogger! My kid is reasonably adventurous when it comes to food...that makes me happy!