Thursday, January 03, 2013

Over the Rainbow

My friends, The Road Dawgs, played a gig at this social club in a town called Webster, MA. I wrote briefly about it here. At the very end of the show, guitarist John Paolilli broke into a rousing instrumental version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I had recorded the show and was listening to this guitar work and got this idea to do a remix. I wanted to create an interesting sonic experience and also, enlarge the perception of the sound such that it had more of an arena quality instead of a social club party room.

The original recording was done with a simple Sony digital recorder that just sat on a table. The quality is decent enough but not like right from the board so doing a remix, is trickier. I ended up laying 26 copies of the performance, each on it's own track then start the manipulating. The remix was designed for headphones, so if you are interested in hearing it, put on a pair and then:

P.S. John Paolilli's reaction: "I LOVE IT!!!!!"

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