Saturday, January 26, 2013

Run For Your Life

When weather permits, I like to take my Saturday workout out of doors to incorporate moving scenery, fresh air and sunshine. Hee in New England, this time of year isn't overly cooperative on the weather permitting part so I knew today, I was relegated to the dungeon.

I had watched this past Thursday's JImmy Kimmel show to the first break and thought to watch the remaining 40 or so minutes while on the treadmill; so down I went with a bottle of water in hand and a dream in my heart. Before getting onto the treadmill, something inside me decided to grab The Beatles, Rubber Soul CD of the rack and bring it with me to the treadmill.

By the time Kimmel had ended, I was close to 35 minutes in and thought, time to cool down and get this thing over with. I turned off the TV, set the treadmill to a lower speed, and popped rubber soul into the CD player atop the treadmill console.

From the early notes of Drive My Car, I already felt awkward going at this slower pace, so without even thinking about it, I upped the speed and even grabbed the three pond dumbbells from their resting spot on the hand rails and all of a sudden, I was in the middle of a workout - again.

As "The Word" was about to wrap up, leading into the softer paced "Michelle", I took the pace down a bit and raised the incline. I went the incline route through "Girl" before increasing the pace and dropping the incline for "I'm Looking Through You" and kept it up until I began an extended cool down at the start of "If I Needed Someone".
I found it somewhat symbolic that as the album wraps up with "Run For Your Life", a song whose tempo would normally command a far greater speed than the 2.5 then halfway through 2.0 mph speed my now sweaty and fatigued body had been walking but the title of the song struck me in that that is what I was doing on the treadmill in the first place.
When all was said and done, I had gone 75 minutes, 4+ miles, 700+ calories and a feeling of accomplishment even though I the scenery was static and I was standing right where I started. Good times!

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