Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Start Again

I had plans to go to a small get together for New Year's Eve. The "leader" of the band "The Road Dawgs", John, invited be to a small band gathering at his home studio. The plan was to just hang out, they would jam, we'd have a few drinks and some food.

On the way home from work, I had picked up a bottle of bubbly and a few things to bring (momma always said to never show up at someones house empty handed - I never do). I was just hanging at home, and got a message from John to call him.

I called and he said that half the band is sick and not coming and that he thought canceling the party was the best thing since it was meant to be a band party.

I ended up just staying home and at one point, while hungry, heated up a can of Chikarena soup. I like Chikarena soup, but I then started to read about everyone getting Chinese food and I really got this strong desire for Chinese food but I didn't want to eat more - this made me kind of upset.

I worked on a music project, then did a remix of a guitar instrumental performed by the guitarist from the Road Dawgs. I later got my Seacrest on with New Year's Rockin' Eve and cracked wise all over Facebook - I stayed up till past 1 because I wanted to wish someone special a Happy New Year that lives one time zone to the west.

Today, just another day - finished the remix, got in a good workout, did a little grocery shopping and even bought my daughter two more Christmas gifts - she returns from her trip tomorrow and we get to have our Christmas.

Happy New year everyone! I think that's the last time I need to say that - though the sentiment will remain.

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