Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Short Look at Today's Top 40 (Part 1)

I went to Billboard's web site, looked up the top 40 as it is listed today and here are brief takes from me on songs 40 through 31 (more later):

40. I’m Different by 2 Chainz (Based on a T.R.U. Story) – Dirty, raunchy and seemingly pointless. I wasn’t able to derive any value from this on my first listen.

39. Better Dig Two by The Band Perry – The melody may be familiar but the mandolin and Kimberly Perry’s vocal make this a pleasurable country pop entry into the charts.

38. Sure Be Cool If You Did by Blake Shelton – It’s exactly what you might expect from a Blake Shelton song; I like Blake Shelton. This is no masterpiece, just a nice ballad.

37. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – This didn’t grab me on first listen but it didn’t lose me either. I’ll have to hear it more to decide whether I like it or not.

36. Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye, featuring Kimbra – As this songs finds its way off the chart, its legs prove to be strong and the quirky nature of the song make it remain likeable (at least to me).

35. C’Mon by Ke$ha – The first time I saw Ke$ha was her performance on SNL doing “Your Love is My Drug”. I loved the catchiness of the music and the obvious, yet effective formulaic lyric patterns as well as the creativity of that particular performance. Since, I still find myself liking her songs but feeling guilty for some reason. I think having a young daughter who is pretty close to the demographic of her target audience, I kind of wish that sometimes the messages in Ke$ha’s songs were just a bit more wholesome – I don’t know if that’s right or wrong. This song has that same formulaic approach and as long as I don’t listen to her music for more than 20 minutes in a row, it works.

34. One More Night by Maroon 5 – I like these guys a lot. I really admire that Adam Levine himself will tell you all about the limitations of his range but there are few in the game that can maximize how to use the gift they have like Levine. I like this song, feel sound, sounds good.

33. Hall of Fame by The Script featuring – I really like this song, it’s an increasingly rare example where the fusion of pop and rap work; it seems that fusion has purpose and it not done only for marketing purposes. I really dig this tune!

32. The A Team by Ed Sheerhan –  I like the song, like the whole singer/songwriter vibe on the pop chart. This is another one where I get a little funny feeling when I see teens singing along, the story is very heavy  - but the vocal is spot on, this is a good song from a music perspective and from only the ears perspective, this song deserves to be a hit.

31. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men – I’m not yet sure why this song works but it does. There’s something unconventional about the music, there seems to be some kind of improvisational jazz influence about it – I enjoy listening to this song.

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