Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Short Look at Today's Top 40 (Part 2)

Here are a few words on #'s 30-21:

30. Home by Phillip Phillips – I was rooting for Phillips throughout his run on American Idol and despite his similarities to Dave Mathews, who I don’t really like all that much, I like Phillips and what I’ve heard thus far of his music. Admittedly, I’ve grown a bit tired of this song, something hard for me to do as I don’t listen to all that much radio but it really still gets an enormous amount of airplay, hard not to run into it when flipping through stations. I do like this song.

29. Wanted by Hunter Hayes – This is another overplayed song and more so because of it having crossed over from the country charts. It’s an okay enough song but I’m not sure I’d miss it if it were gone; that said, I might leave it on if I ran into it (or not).

28. Some Nights by fun. – Love this song, love the whole album.

27. Adorn by Miguel – I can’t say the song sucks, it’s not great but ultimately, the only thing I hear is a really poor imitation of the great Marvin Gaye. Just play Marvin Gaye instead and be done with it.

26. Gangnam Style by PSY – It was fun for a while. I suppose in the right place and time I won’t take issue with hearing it but overall, I think I may have had enough of it for now.

25. Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson – I dig the song, thing she’s a terrific singer and a breath of fresh air on these charts.

24. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake – I listened to the 8 minute album track, I assume there is a shorter single version for radio. I think this kid is super talented and I love the grooves a lot. The music on this song is a modern take on classic R&B while the vocals do have a taste of Timberlake’s boy bad roots, they are well recorded, well produced and overall, I enjoyed this song (though I see no valid reason to have an 8 minute version, the last 3-4 minutes are unnecessary and even take away from the song).

23. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons – This is a good song by Imagine Dragons! There’s something very familiar about the sound but it still has freshness to it. I really like this one, in fact, more each time I hear it.

22. Pour It Up by Rhianna – I always find myself not wanting to like a Rhianna song but there are times when despite that, I do like some of her songs; this is not one of them – this one sucks.

21. Diamonds by Rhianna – Here’s one of Rhianna’s songs I like. Her voice sounds nice and the music makes me feel something.

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