Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cars (etc).

My plans for today included going to an auto museum and a naval museum. I started with the auto museum. I made the half-hour drive into what was close to the middle of nowhere, parked, got up to the cashier to pay my admission and realized that I had forgotten my wallet back at the hotel. I would normally me worried a bit because I had been leaving my wallet right atop the dresser and if the room had been cleaned, I'd be lying if I said I had full trust that it would still be there, or at least all of it's contents.
For the past few days however, I had found a peace. I wasn't even remotely upset or worried about leaving my wallet behind. I simply said to the cashier, "I'll be back." I then got back in the car, cranked up the radio and headed back to the hotel.
I arrived in my room and the wallet was not on top of the dresser. I remembered putting it in the drawer last night for what I planned on being a brief time while I had run down to the car to get the charging cable for my phone. I looked in the drawer though and didn't see it; I did at this point feel a moment of panic (but not full out).
My next move was to strip search my backpack, nothing there. Luggage, nothing there. SHIT! Starting to get a little more nervous but trying to keep cool.
I went to the closet and checked the pockets of everything hanging up, check the chair where I lay my jacket, under the bed, every inch of floor, the bathroom, all - nothing. I then opened the drawer that I previously looked in, the one where I knew I had put it last night and removed everything in the drawer and there it was, underneath the shirts; RELIEF!
I put everything back in its place and left, returning to the auto museum where I had a way better time that I would have guessed. I don't consider myself a car guy but every time I have the chance to look at cars, especially classics and vintage cars, I love them.
Here is only a very small sample (and I really mean a very small sample) of some of the cars I saw today:
This is a 1960 Shelby GT500
It was on sale for $165,998

It's quite stunning; and rare!
This is one of the Batmobile's used in the 1966 season of the Batman TV series.

I wish they would put that series on DVD already!

A 1968 Camaro R/Z28
Selling for $56,998

Quite a beautiful car. I love all of the late 1960's Camaro's - always have.
In addition to the car showrooms, there is an antiques mall. i saw this electronic baseball game there. I had this exact game as a kid and I have to say it was very tempting at only $15 but I am not really a collector and knew the joy would be temporary if I bought it and I'll always have the memory of running into it...I settled for a picture.
After my time here was through, I made a trip to a Naval museum. Along the way, I had hit my first patch of traffic (due to construction) and again, the state of mind I have been in these past few days was such that it was just no big deal. I knew that I couldn't do anything but wait so I got into the music and waited it out.
I made it to the naval base, drove around, but found no entrance to the property, no signage for the museum and after a while, I found myself in an area that made me feel like I might get shot at if I stuck around...I just felt like it wasn't to be so I left (in a hurry).

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