Monday, February 11, 2013

Disgusted at the Music Industry

In a landscape of far too many awards shows that almost render the idea of awarded meaningless, there is one holy grail of award shows in the music industry - The Grammys. Unfortunately, last night it became increasingly evident that even that one night, that one award show, has far less meaning than it should.

"A Grammy Award (originally called Gramophone Award) – or Grammy – is an accolade by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry." (WikiPedia)

The Grammy is about music, about songs and about singers who sing those songs. There had come a point, maybe a third into the show, where I realized that the night had been bastardized by the fictional perfection that some artists and/or producers prefer over the real product (which in many cases is a far better form of perfection).

I've shouted out many a time about lip-syncing and how I feel about it. I don't believe it should be allowed, ever, for any reason by a recording artist. Lip-syncing is an act of fraud against the public whom the artist has coerced a sum of money from implying that that said artist actually sang the song and a live performance is supposed to be just that, an artist singing the song live not playing a recorded version of the song that they are merely moving their lips to.

How dare the artists, producers, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and anyone else who approved such behavior to come on stage at the once sacred event in the industry and perpetrate such an offensive and blatant insult to the public. For shame!

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