Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Life Lesson #12763

While packing a book into a manila envelope today, my hand slipped and thus created a rather deep and painful paper cut. I immediately applied pressure and got the bleeding to stop pretty quick but as you know, those slices feel ouchy for some time after.

While I never forgot that it happened, there was a lot going on so within a few minutes, I had pretty much put it far enough out of my mind that I may as well have forgotten. But a reminder was about to happen that I never expected.

I had gone over to the doorway, where there is a Purell dispenser and with all the flu and norovirus going around, plus the general disgust of community college students, I took a squirt of Purell and began to rub -


Life lesson #12763, rubbing purell over a paper cut with hurt - a lot!

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