Saturday, February 23, 2013


I got a call from my boss this evening. He asked me if I knew that I didn't log off the computer in my office. Once I knew he was referring to the back office, I knew it was totally possible, I so rarely use that space and when I do, it's usually a hurried situation.

He then confessed to using it for the last few hours and in fact, while researching security systems for the library and some networking things, he had used not only my computer, but that he was so distracted that he was on my LinkedIn account for about 20 minutes doing searches and even posting a few things before realizing her was not on his own account.

The funny thing, I almost never logon to LinkedIn but had gone to it on Friday after getting an email that several of my contacts had "endorsed" me. I've already received one email from a friend, who also very rarely goes onto LinkedIn and then noticed I had posted an inquiry. So silly, but thankful it was no big deal in the end but I need to be more careful, I turned off the security lock out on that back computer because I never use it and it's in a private space that very few people have access to. Lesson learned.

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