Monday, February 04, 2013

Micro Viral

Last night, I had been thinking about someone who had an exam today that was very important to her. In thinking about wishing her well and sending good thoughts her way, I got this idea to start a "Good Luck Chain".

I created it as an event on Facebook and invited every person on my friend list setting the event time to 10:30 EST, which was the time of her test (source of inspiration, only made sense). here's what I wrote:

Here's something fun to do tomorrow morning (if you are awake in your neck of the woods at this time). At 10:30am EST (you can do the math for your time zone) - wherever you are and whatever you do - say "Good Luck!" I'm betting lots of people have something going on at that time and all the extra luck we put out in the world will only benefit them. One possible benefit, you might be having a rather bad morning and come that time you remember to send Good Luck out into the world for the benefit of others - I can almost guarantee, in short time, your day will get better because of it.
BTW, while the event refers to Framingham, it's only because that's where I'll be and it should sync up the time zones.

Despite the short notice, 36 people joined in and between the event and on their own timelines, there was something very real happening. People responded and there was a genuine feeling of good vibes getting sent into the world and coming back.

I have to say, this really moved me and was a great source of good feelings for me today. On top of that, she passed her test!!!

The Good Luck Chain has only just begun.

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