Thursday, February 28, 2013

Notes and/or Observations

There is not a single Dunkin Donuts in the town of Lenox, MA. I find that very odd!

The traditions/rituals as to how we deal with death are varied and all interesting. I find that they serve as an excellent reminder of our own mortality and that we need to reflect about how we use our time.

I was so proud of John and Jane's kids, especially their son Andrew - watching that boy comfort adults, especially his mom - any parent witnesses that is gonna be in awe!

My driving endurance sucks! Quite frankly, it's beginning to worry me.

USPS gripe - They refuse to take responsibility for doing their job. I sent a package, they charge me a fee. With UPS and FedEx, every package is insured automatically for the first $100 in value, not true with USPS, you must pay for every cent of insurance - this is wrong. Worse, if the package gets lost, they not only don't insure the package contents, they won't even refund the shipping cost; this seems wrong! Isn't payment for the service to deliver a product to the listed destination a contract implied by payment of shipping cost? If they don't deliver, shouldn't at least the shipping cost be refunded?

That's all!

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