Thursday, February 07, 2013

On the Precipice of A Storm

I used up all my creativity on the title of this post so the rest will be nothing short of a let down; sorry!

We are gearing up here for what seems to be a whopper of a snow storm, one we haven't really seen in a while having been blessed by the effects of global warming. However, we that live here in New England have to understand that it's cold here for a good chunk of the year and that we have snow. It really bothers me when people talk about how much they hate the weather here - yet they choose to live here. I know there's a difference in the level of complaining because under certain circumstance, even I will get a little complainy but never losing sight of the fact that I live here and that is the expected weather.

More nuts to be is that people completely lose their minds from the moment a storm is announced. Traffic backs up for miles and the supermarkets and stores are mobbed beyond comprehension. I suspect, based on past experience, were I to walk into any of the local stores that it would be near impossible to find milk, eggs or bread and most of the store will look as if a hurricane passed through. It's mind numbing!

If the storm is as bad is it looks like it's going to be, tomorrow and Saturday will be long days and there will be lots of snow moving. But I promised that I will not complain because aside from it being normal weather for winter in New England, we haven't had all that much snow to deal with since the winter before last.

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