Saturday, February 23, 2013

Remembering Killer

I have no idea how I never posted this picture here or talked about this cat named Killer. My daughter and I like to have brunch (in this case named for the time of day rather than the meal) at a little shop called the Sherborn Sandwich and Pizza Shop. Our favorite item to order is the breakfast pizza but for a long time, our favorite part of the visit was to spend some time before and after our meal with this little guy, Killer the cat.
Killer was an old cat when we first met him, somewhere around 18 or 19 years old. Part of one of his earlobes and a good chink of his tail had been missing, probably in battles over the years. Dave, the shop owner, told us that "Killer came with the place, he's been here as long as I've been open." He also said in the early years, Killer had a mate and in those days was very protective of her, much less people friendly as a result. The Killer we knew was a sweet old boy who seemed to get to know us. We would get out of the car and call his name immediately - he would peer out from behind the bush in front of the store and begin pacing with anticipation.
When Vickie and I got the the front door, I would take a seat on one of the benches while Vickie would get down to play with Killer right there on the ground. After some time with Vickie, he would come over to me. Killer was such a sweet little boy, loved the attention and showed it, he was a fixture at the shop.
One day, after missing a Sunday at the shop, Vickie and I began as usual by calling Killer's name as we got out of the car. We were joking how he was playing hard to get or perhaps was out in the woods going to the bathroom (or hunting up something other than the cat food provided for him in front of the shop). We were hungry so we went inside without playing will Killer thinking we'd double down after breakfast.
Dave was behind the counter on this particular morning so we mentioned how Killer wasn't in his usual welcoming location. Dave went on to tell us that Killer had been "missing" for more than a week. He said that he and his wife had spent ample time searching the woods behind the shop and were unable to locate him and while they hadn't given up hope, they felt he probably had gone off to find a private spot to die.
Killer was never seen again at the shop and I was lucky enough to have snapped this photo of him just a few weeks before. I made a 5x7 print of it, framed it and gave it to Dave for the shop - this was a while back now, certainly more than a year ago maybe even closer to two years. Every time Vickie and I go back, we still talk about Killer and look at the photo prominently displayed on top of the deli counter.

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