Monday, February 18, 2013

Well Hello There, Doctor

Have you ever run into your doctor in a setting other than his office (or for some medical reason in a medical setting)? I was grocery shopping at BJ's this afternoon and as I am moving my wagon throughout the aisles, I spotted Dr. Chau and actually panicked for a second!

I know, it's totally silly. He and I are around the same age, he's been my primary care physician for years, and I was a little stumped about what to do, so I made the avoid maneuver.

I recall as a kid, grocery shopping with my parents having run into a teacher in a supermarket. I was mesmerized at the idea that my teacher had to go to the store to buy groceries and do "human" things. Then there's the move whenever you run into anyone you know at the market where you each do the once over on the contents of the wagon; you know that one, right?

This is a picture I found of Dr. Chau on the interwebs. He's not a particularly intimidating fellow and standing up, even less so. That's not an insult, it just is - he's a really nice guy and I think and really great doctor.

It cracks me up that me, at my age, felt funny about just saying hello.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

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