Saturday, February 16, 2013

White Castle

From Facebook Thursday afternoon:
What a blast from the past that was. What I just ate 30 + years ago would cost under a dollar, today was a little over 6 dollars but worth every penny for the nostalgia. Now back to base.
Thursday at 12:57pm via mobile

Gene Angelos: Murder burgers, belly bombers. You'll wake up in the morning farting away. But there so worth it.

Chris Daniele: Gene, I'm loaded up an a regimen of probiotics designed to combat those sorts of effects - I guess they'll be put to the test! LOL!

Gene Angelos: Lol

When I was a young boy, I spent a lot of time at my Aunt Ann's house. when I was old enough (I don't recall the specific age but it was around 12-14), my mom would let me take the bus by myself. the bus trip required a transfer from the B3, the Avenue U bus to the bus line that ran across 86th street - the original route I don't recall but it later became the B1 as I recall.

At the point of transfer, there was a White Castle that looked like a castle! Without fail, I would stop inside and pick up a sack of 10 sliders, 5 regular and 5 with cheese was the most common combination (it occasionally differed), 3 small fries and a large Coke. The cost was around $2.50 ish (give or take a quarter or two). Super cheap. I would dip into the fries on the second bus ride (which was short) but would arrive at my aunt's house salivating, the envy of the dogs and ready to eat.

Thursday, as I was driving from northern Illinois into Kenosha, Wisconsin, I saw a white Castle on the other side of the road and almost immediately, the salivary glands remembered those old days of more than three decades ago. I've passed by a White Castle a couple of time in the last few years while visiting my brother but have not had the opportunity to stop in. Usually about once per year or two I will pick up the frozen White Castle burgers from the supermarket but they never quite hit the same spot.

I took a quick look at the time on the console and estimated that my trip to the two museums in Kenosha should leave me in a position where I can make this white Castle my lunch stop - this brought me a measure of nostalgic joy. My order on this day was much more practical, just enough to enjoy without the worry of the "what the hecck was I thinking?" later.

1 Original slider, 1 slider with cheese, 1 slider with jalapeno chees, 1 small order sweet potatoe fries with chpotle dipping sauce and a medium diet soda. Cost: a little more than $6 (would have been under a buck back in the day). Worth every penny.

Later in the day, I was driving in the Northern Illinois town of Gurnee, where I was staying and what do I see on the main road? Yes, a White Castle!  I smiled, but drove by - once was enough to get the fix.

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