Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Pause from the Sadness - Happy Sunday!

Today was a very happy day! I picked up Vickie to go to church and we were both looking forward to a Palm Sunday tradition out our church, Hearts of Palm sandwiches after the service. I knew there would be a short supply because the woman who traditionally makes them was going to be away and left a (way) smaller than usual batch.

While in my role as lector, and participant in the role of "Peter" in the reading of the passion, I was quick to leave the sanctuary after the Eucharist so that I can get first crack at those delicious finger sandwiches - and to ensure my daughter would have a taste as well.

I volunteered to drive my friends kid home as she and her son had to rush home, we did so after sticking around another 15 or 20 minutes, giving her a chance to play with the other kids more and me and Vickie a chance to socialize, her amongst her teen friends and me with the adults.

After dropping little Carly off, Vickie and I went for brunch, then we went to buy a fedora for her, then we went to hang out and play around at Guitar Center. We first were admiring electric guitars and basses. We each took a photo with a cool guitar:

We then went into the drum room. There was some dude rocking out on drums so I tried to add accompaniment on the bongos - I think it pissed him off a little but I enjoyed it! We then fiddled with as many neat percussion thingamajigs we could get out hands on, Vickie tested out a double-bass pedal, and then we headed to keyboards.

Normally, Vickie will sit down at a keyboard and play for a while but not today, instead, we pushed a few buttons then retreated to the audio recording/live audio/DJ room where I did a badass David Guetta impression.

Next up, the acoustic room for some godawful strumming then a final sweep of the rest of the store which featured me on the world's shortest ukulele solo (unofficial) before we left.

We had lots of fun - I made some chocolate truffles:
Making these, made me want to own a chocolate tempering machine (because tempering chocolate without one is tedious and complex). They are bittersweet chocolate with a hint of orange!

Lots of good stuff, we shared lots of fun and laughs.


Maria said...

My dad and I use to go to Palm Sunday together when I was little. It's something I'll always remember and I'm sure your daughter will too.

Chris said...

Maria - I sure hope she does :)