Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Accidentally Rude

On Facebook earlier this evening:

Me: Is it possible to accidentally do something rude?

Joy Durham: Yes. I've done it.

Mario Marsillo: yes absolutely

Here's why I asked:
I was accidentally rude today and felt super bad. I was at Whole Foods at lunch and after I threw away my stuff, I somehow got some kind of lunch residue, possibly someone else's, from the trash receptacle and just went and made a grab at the napkins just above. What I failed to realize is that there was a woman gong for the same napkins and I basically stuck my hand above hers taking the napkins to clean the scuzz off my hand. She gave me a death stare once I noticed and I apologized and tried to explain that I was on autopilot hving been grossed out at the though of someone else's scuzz on my hand but she continued with the death stare and seemed to be unforgiving.

Mario offered some additional feedback after I posted the story:
I think she was just grossed out by what happened the reason didn't matter. I think there is an unforgiving vibe running around like a flu. This is the second story heard about Whole foods and unforgiving customers in two weeks. The first one was from a neighbor who said a customer yelled at a cashier for incorrect price scan and kept yelling while they were doing a price check alas the cashier was just doing protocol. People that buy high end foods are demanding a farmers markets hot beds of politics and media agendas.

What are your thoughts?

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