Saturday, March 02, 2013

Awake Factor!

Just to follow up, I stayed up until around 3 something then went back to bed and slept until around 8:30 or so. I lazied up for a while, watching TV and loafing (it was kind of nice). I eventually hit the gym around noonish I guess then showered and dressed.

I went to my office because I had to pick up a book I forgot there that I had to send out but before heading to the post office, I reached for my wallet only to realize I left it at home, so back home I went.

After grabbing the wallet, I headed back to the USPS to do by business with the APC (Automated Postal Center). I then hit up North End Treats for a box full of cannolli's to bring to Linda and Bill's. I was invited for dinner there, Linda's kids and grandkids and mother would be there - a celebration of family birthdays.

I had a nice meal, family style Italian and got to chat with my friends, some of whom I missed at the last get together there so it was nice. It was particularly nice to see Linda's mom, who just turned 88 and has been recovering from a mild stroke and yet nicer to see how well she is doing.

I'm home for a short time but I haven't seen my pals The Road Dawg's in a while and they are at one of my favorite venues tonight so I'm thinking I need to catch at least a set.

Oh! I worked out today to the music of Marshall Crenshaw; in particular, his first album. The eponymously titled record was released in 1982 and is still one of the best pop albums ever made.

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