Monday, March 04, 2013

Entertainment/Sports Why?

Like many, I look to the entertainment industry and professional sports for an outlet, to be entertained. Like many, I find myself often disappointed in what I get from those industries and I wonder, how many, like I, am beginning to question myself for such a dependence.

I don't mean to imply there is anything wrong with liking television, movies, music, sports, etc. However, I feel like it's too easy to get caught up in minutiae and what ultimately is irrelevant and lose significant portions of the short life we have here on earth.

Perhaps if in fact, this time we share with such things brings us some measure of joy, is that not what we should be striving for? Regardless of where I joy is derived?

It confusing sometimes. I feel like there are times when my time investments pays the relevant dividend of entertainment value but there have been plenty of times, more so with sports of late, that just isn't the case. I've stopped following almost all sports except football and baseball and even those I am not nearly as dedicated as I once was.

It seems I recall there was a sense of pride in athletes at one time where there was more than the paycheck that mattered. With very few exceptions, the paycheck, the economics, the business model is so far more significant to the team and its players than the game, the sportsmanship and the fans.


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