Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Bad Maneuver

It's been a long two day stretch. I believe I summarized yesterday for you - today, on short rest, I awoke at 6:15 and hit the "gym" at the less than stellar Days Inn Woodbridge/Iselin and thought I might grab some some of the "free" breakfast in the lobby. I never have awesome expectations but I figured I might get a piece of fruit, some yogurt maybe, and every now and again - there may be a waffle machine. This dump had bread, a toaster, some dry kiddie cereal and juice - NO, NO, NO and N-O!!! I settled for my post workout protein shot and some water.

I had a short stay on FB before getting ready for the funeral service and cemetery. After checking out of the hotel, I made my way to Staten Island with enough time to deal with any traffic events that might happen (surprisingly, none did), and if not, to get some breakfast. I decided once I got to the church and parked, to ensure a spot, I would walk to the closest Dunkin Donuts, which was 0.6 miles away according to Yelp!.

I was okay with getting another brisk walk in even though I had already worked out. My plan was to get their new egg white and turkey sausage flat bread sandwich with my coffee. I figured I'd get some sustenance and protein but lo an behold, the turkey sausage was missing - I brought the sandwich back up to the counter and they said, "no, turkey inside". "No, it isn't, see?" (Me holding open sandwich clearly missing a sausage patty. "Turkey inside egg!" Then I got it, there were microscopic bits of turkey sausage cooked into the egg - that blows!!!

I should have listened to my gut and just gave it back and got my money back for this mockery but I needed to take a bite to see what the deal was and boy, did I regret that; what a piece of undelicious crap. I literally left it there on the table and walked out in disgust.

About twice a year, I get a strong urge, that I satisfy, for a McD's Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle. After the debacle at Dunkin, I noticed a McD's across the street and thought that #1 of 2013 had to happen. I go in and ask for a McGriddle (as configured above) and she asks me, "Would you like 2 for $3?" "I would love to be able to eat 2 but I am watching my figure (chucking), so I'll just have 1." "That'll be $3.28." "What? You will give me 2 for $3 but only 1 for $3.28?" "Yes sir, don' forget, the $3 for 2 doesn't have the tax added yet." I just don't get the McMath of it all, 2 was 1 cent less than 1. So, I took two, ate 1, texted my sister that I had an extra just in case anyone was hungry. Nobody ever ate the second one, so I eventually threw it away but did not feel guilty, it was paid for.

My cousins kids were very brave at the funeral and even spoke. It was sad though. the ride to the cemetery was short in distance but long in time and was very emotionally draining - Emma's parents were so broken at this point, it was so hard to see them like that. My cousin was so strong, as were his kids.

We all later retreated for a meal together and this turned out to be some nice joyous family time but ran long as the service was quite slow. It was time to say goodbye to all and as I left, I messaged another cousin that lives nearby hoping to say hi for a very short time before the long drive back to MA but it didn't work out. I began my journey home and made a turn, then a small decision that ended up adding over an hour to my journey. I made it home safely though in a little over 5 hours.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. I hope Julian and the kids can be strong and find their way through this hard time. Oh, and thanks to all of you who've reached out with your condolences, that is very sweet!

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