Friday, March 15, 2013

Post Script

Yesterday I made reference to my mailbox post, this is the jury-rigged version. Once, it stood firm in a concrete base beneath the earth just down and slightly to the right in the photo. If you look close enough, you may detect that the extension that the mailbox sits on is so worn, it barely stays attached to the post. I've added new nails a few weeks back but the wood is so shot that the nails barely hold it on. In fact, every few days, the extension and attached mailbox just fall away as if some form of mailbox post leprosy.

I planted the post into the 5 gallon bucket then dropped a 50 pound bag of sand I had in the garage then topped it with dirt, it tilts over as if to say, "I could've had a V8!" every couple of days, this picture is the jury-rig at it's best, which as you can see is quite sad.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a new post and a commitment from a friend to help install - soon!
Treadmill shopping continues - right now the front runner (pun intended) is the NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro. In fact, I emailed the salesman who assisted me with a few questions the other night who insisted I get back to him when ready for "the best deal available" so I will see where that gets me.
I put my non-functioning treadmill on the free listing on craigslist the other day and got 50 or so bites in less than an hour despite me saying it is broken and need a $300-$350 minimum repair. I took the add down and replied to a few folks so hopefully, one will show tomorrow and take the old one away.
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My car is really filthy and the extra daylight we are getting only serves to remind me for longer; I need to get to a car wash almost as bad as I need to get a haircut.

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