Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick (at least that's the intent before starting) Notes

Dead Treadmill (or DeadMill)
My treadmill died the other day and I am missing it so much, more than I ever thought possible to miss a piece of torture fitness equipment. I plan to replace it but don't want to do so hastily, I need to research current models and get the one I want. I thought about a short-term gym membership, maybe 2-3 months. I've noticed most offer a free 7 day pass, I might just go from gym to gym and get one 7 day pass after another - it'll get me a free moth or so and give me the chance to explore multiple gyms (though I hate gyms, which is why I like having home exercise equipment).

Glad they picked one. Not that I care anything about the Pope but at least there'll be less interruptions to TV programming.

Patent Trolls
Losers that extort money from good people. Right now, these jerks are threatening the podcasting community. Go to to learn about and support the SHIELD ACT; a piece of legislation that will help curb these trolls.

Celebrity Wife Swap
I haven't watched in a long time, got old for me. However, most recent episode with Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thick was very compelling.

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