Sunday, March 24, 2013

R.I.P. Emma (Saturday Was Harsh)

I was somewhat cryptic over the last few days, not because I wanted to be, but I was trying to be respectful of my cousin's wishes. It is with such great sadness that I report that my cousin Julian's wife Emma passed away at 2am on Saturday. Emma was in her mid 40's and the mother of 4 children as well as the love of my cousin's life - hearing his heartbreak has been heartbreaking to all of us.

I was out Friday night hanging with "The Road Dawgs", celebrating tow of their birthdays as well as helping out with photos and video. I got home around 1 or so then stood up for about an hour. I was woken by the phone around 8 am to learn of Emma's passing but didn't put it together until much later in the day that right around the time I went to bed is when Emma died; there's an awful kind of punctuation effect of the unpredictability of life in that realization (for me anyway).

I'll be driving down to NY on Tuesday morning to attend the wake and then the funeral on Wednesday before driving back. Lot's of time for reflection.

If you are reading this, please send good thought and/or prayers to Julian and his kids to after having to go through a funeral, during holy week to boot (which has significance for their family), must find a way to move on.

R.I.P. Emma

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